Navigation System for Apple Watch

About the product

Wisp is a 3D Navigation System for Apple Watch.

My role

UX Designer, UI Designer.

Main project goal

Design, develop, and test a prototype for an alternative format, focusing on the Apple Watch in this case.



Wisp is an app concept developed by a team of four designers during our Technology 1 class at HTW Berlin. The main feature of the app is the incorporation of 3D visualization, serving as the central UI element. It functions as a city companion, providing users with details about locations they may be interested in and assisting them in navigating to these destinations. My responsibility was to participate in the initial brainstorming process, create wireframes, and design the main screens of the app.

I helped to gather ideas while defining future functionality of the App.


The main challenge in designing an Apple Watch app revolves around the limited screen size. The small proportion of the Apple Watch screen restricts the available space, which forced us to rethink our usual design approach. To address the screen size limitations, we decided to simplify functionality, prioritizing only the essential features to ensure a user-friendly experience.

Finals Designs

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© 2024 Iskander Alibayev

© 2024 Iskander Alibayev